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Advantages and Benefits of Prefabricated Modular Data Centers

What we are talking about in this blog are Commercial Modular Buildings or labeled another way, Factory Offsite Modular Construction. This is one of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry being used to provide schools, health clinics, residential housing, commercial developments, hospitals, multi-story buildings, government installations, data centers and many other structures.

What are the benefits of using Modular Building construction?

  • Cost Savings in time, materials, quality, and integration
  • Overall construction time can be cut as much as 75%. Site preparation parallels factory modular fabrication
  • Fabricating the building in an enclosed factory eliminates any delays due to weather
  • Extensive in-factory Quality Control programs built to strict building codes. Every operation is inspected, tested and documented
  • Less material waste. Controlled and planned factory fabrication minimizes waste, damage, and eliminates site construction theft
  • Less risk. No large groups of trade constructors coming and going to the site and working on the site every day for months constructing the building. Less disruption to the area. Reduces the risk of construction accidents.
  • Modular buildings can be easily re-located and can easily be expanded. Limitless designs
  • Build virtually any size. Commercial modular construction is not limited in size. Installations from 300 square feet to thousands of square feet of floor space.
  • Equipment Agnostic. You choose the equipment that you want for your Data Center
  • Speed to market. Faster utilization. Faster benefits. Faster revenues.

Can you predict the timing, size requirement, method, and location of your next Data Center?

Using a factory fabricated Modular Data Center allows you to have the equipment, racks, cable ladder. Fiber guide, grounding, electrical, UPS, batteries, all installed and tested in the factory prior to shipping. Another significant time and cost saving benefit.

In some cases, there can be some tax advantages using Modular construction. Although the modular building complex may be several thousand square feet and is set on a foundation it is still relocatable and can be repurposed at another location which makes it different from permanent site built real estate. Check with your tax experts. The modular installations have been considered equipment and not fixed real estate. If classified as equipment it can be depreciated quicker and not subject to ongoing real estate taxes.

The versatility of a Prefabricated Modular Data Center allows for better planning and scheduling. With modular construction, you can manage capital expenditures by growing your Data Center with demand and react faster to the demand.

Contact us and let our expert engineers and designers help you get your Modular Data Center program online.

Stay tuned for our next blog which will discuss high-density rack installations and how Thermobond can help you install your Modular Data Center utilizing Green Power, Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells.

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