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Advantages of Edge Deployment with Thermo Bond Concrete Buildings

As companies start to distribute their computing to the edge, one of the most critical decisions they need to make is which type of building works best for their application. Edge computing requires solid, secure facilities and networks. Industry experts advise that edge computing equipment should be installed in structures that are built as robust […]


Bringing Data Center Computing to the Edge

Bringing Data Center Computing to the Edge The growing number of devices, next generation applications, and data deluge from IoT are making traditional data center approaches inefficient. The need for faster processing, increased cloud adoption, and increased pressure on networks is causing an architectural shift from centralized processing centers to a distributed model that places […]

Go green solution

Energy-Smart, High-Performance Solutions

For nearly a decade now, there has been a strong emphasis on renewable energy and environmental stewardship.  Wind towers and solar panels are popping up everywhere, and businesses have made energy conservation a priority. Companies have found that saving energy means a stronger bottom line, and that spending a little more in the short-term provides […]