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Client Spotlight: United Utilities Of Anchorage, Alaska

Business is all about growth. One of our favorite things about our company is that we emphasize the quality of not only providing a contribution to our own growth, but also to our clients. Emphasizing the importance of quality, customization, and service has lead us to build some great, trusting relationships with our clients.

We are proud to be a part of the growth of clients like United Utilities of Anchorage, AK. United Utilities provides local telephone services to residential customers, businesses, and schools throughout the Yukon Delta area in Anchorage. Their expertise stems from operating telecommunication systems in over 60 communities for 30+ years.

United Utilities is committed to helping, contributing and supporting their communities through service, sponsorship, donations, and scholarships. Our relationship began as a simple request for an equipment shell. Thirty shelters later, we have supported United Utilities mission of “Serving Alaska with Pride,” through electrical and integration services. Working with them has been an exciting adventure as we continue to ship fully stocked buildings to Anchorage. We are honored to have United Utilities as a part of our growth and are looking forward to the growth of their company and our relationship.

Thermo Bond Team