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Excellent customer service is a Thermo Bond Buildings hallmark. With decades of on-the-job experience, our sales associates have the technical know-how to make sure your project is designed, engineered and constructed to provide the maximum protection available at the minimum cost. That’s no brag, just fact.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you ever have any questions or comments about our products, please call us at 1-800.356.2686.

Thermo Bond Buildings are available in multiple colors, faux brick, painted, stainless steel or aluminum.
The minimum roof impact resistance is 220 foot-pounds with no damage to the exterior or interior of the shelter. Thermo Bond Buildings can also be designed with cost-effective integral steel reinforcement under the neoprene roofing material, or with exterior shielding capable of withstanding ice falling from 1,500-foot towers.
Thermo Bond Buildings are both water and air tight. Each building is constructed to resist coastal exposures with their extended periods of humidity, rain and even hurricane force winds.
Typically, the average project will require from 60 to 90 days from order submittal to delivery, although shorter lead times can be accommodated when a project involves a critical deadline.
Thermo Bond equipment shelters are delivered on flatbed trucks to the jobsite where they are unloaded by a mobile crane. Approximately one hour is required to offload and secure the building to its concrete mounting slab at most locations.
Thermo Bond can arrange for the mounting slab installation with a third party as part of the specification, or the project engineer can contract the work to be done by a local contractor.
Our engineer-stamped blueprints indicate locations for electrical drops, AC units and HVAC venting and fans and other specified equipment. State certifications are provided where necessary.
While customization options are limitless, common requests involve features such as bullet-resistant walls; alarm sensors for temperature, intrusion and power failure; double-wide designs up to 24-plus-feet by 42-feet; multi-room interiors; and R-40 ceiling and R-25 wall and floor insulation, to name a few.