Customization - Thermo Bond Buildings

customization1At Thermo Bond Building and Custom Cabinets, you won’t find any cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all designs. The size and shape of each Thermo Bond Building and Custom Cabinet is primarily based upon its intended function or purpose and variable factors involving what goes where and how little or how much customization is required. Regardless of whether the waveguide ports come in from the upper right hand corner or left hand corner of the shelter, or whether the door enters from the end or the middle of the structure, there is one thing every Thermo Bond building has in common: quality. Our skilled craftsmen, technicians and licensed electricians are proud of the thousands of quality customized equipment shelters they have constructed and engineered to the highest industry standards. In addition to meeting all applicable National Electrical Codes (NEC) standards, our technical specialists ensure each structure adheres to specific industry, federal and state regulations. And they’re continually looking for new technologies and materials that will improve the efficiency and customization options for their customers. With a customer roster that includes 48 power companies, 12 federal agencies, nearly all the major radio groups, most of the major cellular companies, 35 states and dozens of counties, Thermo Bond Buildings has a depth of customizing experience that many of its competitors can only dream of. It’s this knowledge, strong commitment to quality and product innovation that has made us a leading customizer in the equipment shelter and NEMA Type 3R enclosure industry.