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Energy-Smart, High-Performance Solutions

For nearly a decade now, there has been a strong emphasis on renewable energy and environmental stewardship.  Wind towers and solar panels are popping up everywhere, and businesses have made energy conservation a priority. Companies have found that saving energy means a stronger bottom line, and that spending a little more in the short-term provides long-term benefits.

Responding to that need, Thermo Bond has developed high-performance energy solutions that create efficiency savings and a Return on Investment in just 12 to 18 months.  Capable of being incorporated into new and existing buildings, our equipment and design features lower the total energy requirements of a building site. They can be applied singly or in combination to achieve the maximum energy consumption reductions.

Energy-Reducing Design Features and Equipment:

Thermo Bond offers four devices that will help lower your energy consumption.  They include:

  • Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
    These devices provide significant savings when installed in appropriate climates, and are most effective when there is at least a 12° temperature difference between the outside air temperature and desired temperature inside the building. They help to remove heat generated by equipment in the building, which reduces the run times of expensive mechanical cooling without introducing outside air into the equipment space.  In the right conditions, heat exchangers can be run in place of mechanical cooling for hundreds of hours per year at a fraction of the cost, and help to increase the life span of air conditioning systems.
  • HVAC Economizers
    An economizer is a system of dampers and controls that allows filtered outside air to provide cooling to the shelter when outside temperature and humidity levels make this a viable option. They are most effective at reducing energy consumption in cool or temperate climates, generally at or below 60° F. Used for 30% of total operating hours, economizers reduce the need for mechanical cooling to 45% and increase the life span of air conditioning systems. However, while they do filter the outside air, economizers are not able to stop all dust and other pollutants along with humidity.  Even with that, an HVAC unit with an economizer is better than one without it.
  • High-Efficiency Air Conditioners
    High-efficiency, 2-stage HVAC units with multi-stage compressors avoid the “one-size-fits-all” approach of standard HVAC units. They have a higher Energy Efficiency Rating  because they continuously vary the speed of the compressor to match the cooling demand between 100% and 10%. Rarely cycling on and off, high-efficiency HVAC units minimize wear and tear on the compressor and other components.  In most cases, the lower setting can adequately cool the shelter for more than 85% of the operating hours. High-efficiency units lower your power bill by using less energy, and not having huge spikes during peak hours.
  • High-Efficiency Insulation in Walls and Doors
    High-efficiency expanding foam-type insulation has a very high R-value compared to traditional fiberglass insulation. Expanding inside the shelter walls, it seals off leaks, gaps and penetrations that might allow air leakage, as well as providing an additional vapor barrier. This helps save energy and extends the useful life of the building.  In addition, factory-installed thermal breaks on doors, at least as efficient as wall insulation, will prevent costly transmission of heat into the conditioned space. High-efficiency insulation helps to lower operating costs of HVAC equipment, and puts less demand on mechanical cooling. This gives you the option of purchasing a smaller HVAC unit and reducing both purchase and operational costs.

The Thermo Bond team is trained in providing you with solutions that maximize savings, minimize your costs, offer a quick return on your investment, and connect with your environmental stewardship goals. For more information on how we can help your company be more efficient and get an ROI in 12 to 18 months, please call 800-356-2686 or email us at

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