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Nebraska Wind Farm Control Building Project Summary

With open skies and more than 47,000 farms, Nebraska ranks 6th in the nation in its potential ability to generate energy from wind. It is also one of four states in the nation that is most suitable for wind energy development. The rapid growth of the wind energy industry’s major technology has increased the efficiency and production capabilities of wind turbines.

Thermo Bond Buildings constructed, delivered and installed this 15’-0” x 46’-0” x 10’-6” all metal, fully functional, pre-assembled control building to a Nebraska 230/34.5 kV wind energy substation. The building construction was of a heavy duty, non-combustible, rigid framed steel structure that included AC/ DC electrical components, a 125vdc Battery system, HVAC, cable tray, grounding, alarm and other auxiliary equipment. Thermo Bond provided this high quality, cost effective solution within the customer’s mandatory 12 week timeframe, while satisfying all customer required structural, electrical and safety specifications as well as adhering to all state and local regulations and building codes.

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Wind energy development has provided both environmental and economic benefits for the state of Nebraska. Thermo Bond Buildings is proud to have to constructed a quality control building for the growing wind energy industry in Nebraska.

Thermo Bond Team