When you need the latest in telecom and renewable energy, read this. - Thermo Bond Buildings
The latest topics trending in green energy and telecom.

When you need the latest in telecom and renewable energy, read this.

Here’s a recap of the latest topics trending in green energy and telecom.

Oakland County, Michigan, prepares to roll out Text 911 technology

As the second-busiest dispatch center in Michigan, Oakland County looks to give its communities several options to get a hold of emergency personnel. Once the Text 911 service is up and running, which should be sometime in February 2015, residents of Oakland county will have the ability to carry a text conversation with a 911 operator.

FCC aims to close gaps in 911-location accuracy.

While triangulating wireless 911 callers has come a long way in recent years, the FCC understands it—and the major carriers–need to serve first responders better when it comes to locating indoor mobile callers. Locating callers in single level dwellings is one thing, finding someone who needs help in a 50-story building is another. How soon are we to a solution?

Solar panels and parking lots. Duh.

Filed under “Why didn’t I think of that?” the latest trend in solar technology marries America’s apparent love of pavement with the energy gathering shade of solar panels. While the current plans are cost-prohibitive, they could offer long-term gains in energy and fuel economy, particularly in warmer climes where cars can take a while to cool down after sun bathing.

Sunny Hawaii has solar panels on one of every nine homes.

The US Department of Energy has its sights on Hawaii as it has quickly climbed the ranks as a “solar hot spot of national significance.” With wind and solar powering much of the island during the day, the grid stability is threatened after sunset. Here’s how the power company is laying it out.

Massachusetts and New York look to solar; Indiana and West Virginia look away.

The battle of the grid commences in Indiana and West Virginia with the introduction of legislation that would “kill the state’s solar industry before it gets off the ground.” Massachusetts and New York see things a little differently, looking to establish a new community net metering program for renters and business owners.

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