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Our Top 5 Most Popular Blogs in 2015

As we give our final farewell to 2015, we would like to wrap up the year by sharing with you our top 5 most popular blogs on the Thermo Bond blog in 2015. Just in case you missed them, here they are:

1. PODS Are One of Many Ways to Put Our Equipment Shelters to Work

At Thermo Bond, the only things that work harder than our diligent teams of designers, engineers, and client representatives are our buildings. Our wide selection of equipment shelters can shelter, protect, and serve any industry in nearly any location. This toughness, coupled with our ability to customize each and every product in our line, provides our clients with unlimited possibilities. Read more here.

2. The Future of Telecommunications Depends on Customized Integration and Pre-cast Concrete Shelters

The telecommunications industry has grown in unprecedented ways in the last two decades, and the supportive industries have grown and adapted right along with it. Read more here.

3. New To Integrated Shelters? Here’s What You Need to Know

Those who have been reading our blog know how well integrated shelters serve the telecommunications industry. It (almost) goes without saying that our steel reinforced concrete buildings would work well in any industry, especially industries that need a customized and highly secure approach to reliability and protection from external elements. Read more here.

4. If You Come, We Can Build It

When we say “custom integration,” we mean it. If you have an equipment shelter in mind, and a specific way you need it to perform, we can make it happen. Our experienced engineers and technicians offer limitless possibilities within the rugged framework of our various shelters and cabinets; there has yet to be a project we–and our buildings–weren’t fully equipped to handle. Read more here.

5. Get To Know Us: A Roundup of History and Case Studies

Get to know Thermo Bond Buildings a little bit better through these case studies and brief history. Read more here.

Want to read more? You can catch up on all of our blogs here. We hope you had a wonderful 2015 and want to wish you a happy new year!

Thermo Bond Team

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