The Process - Thermo Bond Buildings

No Hassle Process

process1If you hate surprises, you’re going to love Thermo Bond Buildings and Custom Cabinets. Beginning with the specification-writing phase through to the finished project and beyond, the high-energy, easy-to-do-business-with approach of our sales team helps to distinguish Thermo Bond Buildings from its competitors. Here’s how a typical order is processed.

  • The customer contacts a Thermo Bond sales associate by phone or email which leads to an exchange of information, drawings, questionnaire, etc. to establish the scope of work and design needs (e.g., shelter size, HVAC, electrical, grounding, etc.).
  • A detailed quote that includes shipping cost is prepared by the Thermo Bond associate for the customer to review.
  • A purchase order/contract is submitted by the customer along with a rough sketch of the shelter design for use by the Thermo Bond drafting department in preparing detailed construction drawings of the interior layout, exterior view, cross sections of the wall, roof and floor, skid assembly and foundation.
  • Construction drawings are finalized by the customer and a team of Thermo Bond builders and licensed electricians prefabricate and wire the building according to specifications.
  • A Thermo Bond representative provides blueprints to the appropriate state agencies, if necessary, and coordinates delivery of the finished building by truck and trailer to its designated location.
  • The completed project is reviewed by the Thermo Bond associate to ensure complete customer satisfaction prior to the invoice being processed.