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Protecting The Ionosphere

When it comes to military and aviation communications, the ionosphere is here to help. But what exactly is the ionosphere, how is it useful, and what does Thermo Bond Buildings have to do with any of it?

Located in the upper atmosphere of Earth, the ionosphere is best known for its uses in radio broadcast. Ionospheric activity determines how far and where High Frequency radio signals travel. To measure the activity, the Ionospheric Data Network keeps track of radio broadcasting and real-time data for the Air Force and other services. However, just like all other forms of technology, upgrades are always necessary.

“The older systems were based on vacuum tube designs that were prone to many failures when the system’s operating parameters weren’t maintained,” says Ed Huber, Booz Allen Hamilton (formerly ARINC) Director, Space Weather Operations. “The NEXION systems we are installing now are constructed of solid state commercial-off-the-shelf components that provide better reliability and maintainability at a much lower cost.”

So, where does Thermo Bond come in? Thermo Bond Buildings is proud to be protecting the equipment needed in order to help this technology do the best job possible. Thermo Bond’s shelters and cabinets are more than equipped to provide a safe place to harbor the technology used by our country’s armed forced and aviation businesses.

Thermo Bond Team