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Mark Twain once observed that “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” If only he had seen the quality workmanship that goes into weatherproofing every Thermo Bond Building and Custom Cabinet, he might have changed his mind. Each equipment shelter we make is designed to withstand a wide range of adverse conditions, including violent weather, temperature swings and rodent infestation. That’s why designers, architects, owners, engineers and technicians trust Thermo Bond Buildings to protect their communications and electrical equipment. The same quality workmanship and engineering that goes into every equipment shelter is also available in our custom cabinets for use wherever specifications call for a high level of integration capabilities, but in a smaller structure. At Thermo Bond Buildings, every structure is manufactured in a controlled environment and wired to the customer’s exact specifications. We also can acquire and install whatever power or communications equipment is required so your building arrives on-site “good to go.” We know from experience that the more we do at our end, the more time and money our customers save in network deployment at their end, without any sacrifice in workmanship.