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Thermo Bond Buildings: A Year In Reviews

At Thermo Bond Buildings, we are fortunate to be on the receiving end of many praises and testimonials. We share them with you today in the spirit of thankfulness and to recognize the many employees that help make our solid reputation and our quality buildings possible. We are the company we are today because of the companies and people who trust us to deliver exceptional products every time we make them.

The Stuff of Legends.

We love this testimonial for many reasons but are honored to be held in the same esteem as Wright, who believed in creating structures that were in harmony with the environment and the humans who used them.

“Thermo Bond does for transmitter buildings what Frank Lloyd Wright did for homes.” – Peter Fretwell, General Manager, WWFM The Classical Network

Game. Tech. Match.

Some solutions are straightforward because the integration comes together seamlessly.

“Great solution for this deployment, we are very pleased!” – Robert Bickerstaff, Senior Engineer Tech, Yakima County, WA

Can’t Have Just One.

We’re happy to provide structures that grow with your business, whether you purchase additional units or expand your current building. We also agree; there’s always room for more beautiful precast equipment shelters.

“Thank you so much, it is a beautiful building. I can’t wait to get another.”- Todd A. SedersLand Mobile Radio Manager, Collins Communications Inc.

Good-looking With a Great Personality

We’re glad we can finally lay this quandary to rest; form and function rarely compete in our buildings. We’re happy to do both, well.

“Thermo Bond designed and built a beautiful building, both aesthetically and functionally. It was on-time.” – Charles Dozier, Director of Engineering, Legend Communications of Wyoming

Elegant Eloquence.

This testimonial gets right to it: buildings don’t have to be complicated to be impressive. They just have to do what they set out to do. And we make sure they do.

“Thermo Bond is a great company who make great buildings.” – Dustin Ward, SR Plant Manager, Standing Rock Telecom

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Thermo Bond Team

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