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Thermo Bond Buildings Completes Midwestern Based Utility Company Project

We value each of our clients’ dedication to quality and focus on operational excellence. In recognition of their vision coming to life at Thermo Bond Buildings, we turn the spotlight on our recent project with a Midwestern based utility company.

This Midwestern utility company first reached out to Thermo Bond Buildings as they were embarking on a project to update their telecommunication infrastructure nearly 10 years ago. Since then they have purchased 40 buildings for telecom and substation buildings.

The latest buildings complete a project update to the substation control technology within the Yellowstone National Park Service Territory. The shelters will house substation control equipment for breakers, transformers, protective relaying, etc. The substation is a vital part in protecting the telecommunications equipment for remote monitoring and control of high voltage transmission lines.

The shelters featured the newly released trunked, mobile radio system connecting to personnel stationed in the park to an Operations Control Center and Division office based in Bozeman, MT. The Midwestern based utility company is maximizing the potential of their Thermo Bond Shelter by enhancing the reliability of electric serviced provided to Yellowstone National Park, local businesses, and Personnel Safety with the mobile radio system. Our client was extremely happy with the final product, adding to their fleet of Thermo Bond products at the Midwestern based utility company.

Most of their buildings use the standard Thermo Bond manufactured rock aggregate exterior but these buildings will highlight a variety of custom features including custom siding to blend in with the National Park buildings, peaked roofs, and custom ventilation snorkels.

Custom features also include:
• Hardi-plank siding painted brown
• Peaked metal roof – Hurricane clips
• Snorkels
• Shelter Delivery to Butte, Montana


Thermo Bond Team