Thermo Bond “Halfs” What It Takes To Get It Done Right - Thermo Bond Buildings
Thermo Bond “Halfs” What It Takes To Get It Done Right

Thermo Bond “Halfs” What It Takes To Get It Done Right

When a Kansas Utility asked us to help design and deliver a control building for their transmission line project, we knew we could create just what they needed—a reliable, resilient building that blends with the big Kansas sky.

What was needed:
A 24’ x 28’ “Double Wide” floorless, factory built, pre-assembled, non-combustible control building for a Kansas Utility. This particular project consisted of approximately 20-mile 115 kV transmission line interconnecting with existing substations and transmission lines.

What we did:
We designed and built a custom building for their expansion of an existing 115/34.5/13.8 KV Substation.

How we did it.
The Control House was assembled as one piece here at home in Elk Point, complete with an interior battery room, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, electrical, cable try, and grounding. Once it was complete, it was “split” into two sections for transportation purposes. A Thermo Bond Building crew accompanied the sections down to Kansas, where the building was placed on a concrete foundation and reassembled.

Once the building was connected and finished off, the EPC Contractor installed relay and protection panels in the building in order to make it a fully functional control building.

Why we do it:
Now operational, our reliable building helps to provide continued service of reliable, long-term power supply to member cooperatives and adjoining utilities. Our buildings may not power homes, but they do help keep their lights on. And that, at least to us, says something.

Thermo Bond Team

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