Three Ways. Three Industries. One Thermo Bond Buildings. - Thermo Bond Buildings
Three Ways. Three Industries. One Thermo Bond Buildings.

Three Ways. Three Industries. One Thermo Bond Buildings.

If you know a little bit about Thermo Bond Buildings’ long history, you know that our buildings go where most can’t and do what most don’t. Over the years, Thermo Bond has supported public safety, telecommunications, green energy, and grid-based industries, adapting as needed to changing technology, terrain, and client objectives.

The following case studies demonstrate a sampling of the breadth of the Thermo Bond portfolio. These three substations needed three very different equipment shelters, yet they all needed buildings that could be placed on-site with minimal disruption and optimal customizations. If you are new to Thermo Bond, these clients will give you an idea of what we can do for your business. If you are familiar with our products, these case studies will affirm we are a company of exceptional service and unparalleled product quality.

The Kansas Utility Substation

A Kansas Utility approached us to design and deliver a control building for their transmission line project, and our end result was a reliable, resilient building that not only blended with the wide Kansas sky, but also performed to its potential as the expansion of an existing 115/34.5/13.8 KV Substation. Read more about this project here.

The Midwestern Based Utility Company

What started out as a project to update a telecommunications infrastructure ten years ago turned into a systemic upgrade and replacement of over 40 telecom and substation buildings. Thermo Bond was there every step, acre, and structure along the way. Read more about this widespread build-out here.

The Nebraska Wind Farm

Nebraska and its 47,000 farms rank high on the list of wind energy potential and development. With technology that keeps pace with wind speed and industry expansion, Thermo Bond needed to construct, deliver, and install an all-metal, fully-functional, pre-assembled building that could meet the growing requirements of this wind energy substation. Read more here.

There’s something to be said for a resilient product that stands the test of time and weather while remaining relentlessly versatile. Some would brand our equipment shelters as durable, customizable, and protected. We just label them Thermo Bond and build them out accordingly.

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