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Your Data Center Project Hinges On Your Answers to These 9 Questions

Last month, we talked about the benefits of using modular buildings for data centers when compared with conventional out-source, on-site construction. From substantial cost savings to a faster, more controlled fabrication pipeline, modular equipment shelters lower the risk of building a data center and increase its functionality.

While the choice to use to use equipment shelters as data centers may be an easy one, choosing which type of modular building can be more difficult. This list will help you figure out how best to meet your building needs.

Strength and Security

High winds, hailstorms, snow load, vandalism, stray bullets (hunting and otherwise), tree branches, and vehicular threats—where your buildings are located will determine what elements the structure will need to withstand. Remember, precast equipment shelters are first and foremost designed to protect your equipment.

Consider the following:

  • Regarding the location, what is the biggest threat to the building’s security?
  • How much will the building’s structure play into its role as a data center?

Energy and Performance

In most cases with precast equipment shelters, strength, security, and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand. The inherent qualities of the building materials provide an additional layer of insulation to guard against large temperature fluctuations; the method of construction ensures minimal waste and cost efficiency. Thermo Bond Buildings can incorporate free air cooling, backup generators, fire suppression systems, and redundant HVAC mechanisms as necessary to increase energy efficiency and reliability.

Consider the following:

  • What are the current and future energy needs of the data center?
  • What is your desired energy footprint?
  • How many backup energy sources will be required to ensure minimal downtime?
  • Will green energy be a factor? 

Design and Scalability

Modular buildings allow for a variety of exterior finishes to match existing structures, and their scalability allows for customers to build to their current needs and expand as the need arises. As we mentioned in our last blog, servers are becoming increasingly more space efficient; in this case, scalability can also involve the ability to add and adjust cabling and integration needs as technology improves.

Consider the following:

  • How important is the exterior aesthetic to your overall goals?
  • How do you anticipate your technology needs changing in the next 5, 10, and 15 years?
  • Does your current site allow for expansion, both in physical space and energy requirements?

Construction Standards

Precast concrete and metal data centers are highly secure, meeting both stringent structural standards and tight construction deadlines. Quickly deployed and cost-effective, Thermo Bond’s data centers and data pods offer customized solution for every technical and logistics challenge with minimal disruption to your facility operations even as IT infrastructure changes.

As you consider your construction budget, timeline, and integration needs, remember that Thermo Bond’s designers and engineers are experienced and trained to not only facilitate the construction conversation but also help you consider additional opportunities and options you might not realize are possible. Contact us online here or call us at 1-800-356-2686 to find out more.

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