Thermo Bond Offers....

pre-cast concrete and lightweight aggregate communication shelters.


Providing Communication Shelters for Decades

Thermo Bond Buildings is in our fourth decade of manufacturing communication shelters for countless cell companies, broadcast communications, 911 emergency communications, and Federal and state agencies. We offer lightweight and concrete solutions for your equipment shelter needs. Factory fabricated, Thermo Bond provides both standard and fully-integrated buildings depending on your unique requirements. Our experienced technicians and licensed electricians can engineer, procure, and install your specialized equipment and ensure an on-time delivery.

Offering Concrete and Lightweight Buildings

Having purchased Miller Buildings in 2014, Thermo Bond now offers both pre-cast concrete and lightweight aggregate communication shelters. Our pre-cast concrete shelters are bullet, fire, pest and vandal resistant, durable and strong, making them perfect for remote locations or applications that require a secure facility. Our products are the answer for customers that need fully-customized equipment shelters in a variety of sizes, fittings and capabilities. Constructed to customer specifications, they ship fully assembled. Every building Thermo Bond manufactures is designed, engineered and delivered to meet your site require­ments and aesthetics.

Designing Cabinet Solutions

In addition to manufacturing shelters, Thermo Bond offers custom cabinets to protect your communication equipment. Through the years, we have worked with many communication companies to design and build very specific cabinets. Constructed of 14-gauge steel in accordance with National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Type 3R enclosures, these cabinets are typically used in outdoor applications for wiring and junction boxes.

Fully-Integrating Your Specialized Equipment

Whether your shelter or cabinet require customer-installed equipment or simple electrical requirements, Thermo Bond has the solution. Our experienced technicians have the ability to fully integrate your specialized equipment, lowering your overall site costs. In addition to meeting all applicable National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, our technical specialists ensure that each structure adheres to specific industry, Federal and state regulations. Integrated and installed to your specifications, we will also factory test the equipment for quality and reliability so you will be up and running as soon as your shelter or cabinet is delivered.

Thermo Bond's Solutions for Protecting Your Communication Equipment

Built to your specifications, Thermo Bond offers a variety of solutions to protect your communication equipment. Special features of each option are listed below: