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Providing Modular Data Center Solutions

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Now in its fourth decade of being a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated modular building manufacturer, Thermo Bond Buildings has deployed countless Modular Data Center (MDCs). We offer both lightweight with aggregate siding and pre-cast concrete buildings. Within our factories, we can provide fully integrated buildings that suit your unique specifications.

Buildings That Meet Your Needs

Thermo Bond's modular data center buildings are available in virtually any size. They offer superior ventilation, weatherproofing, and security measures for your electronic storage. Meeting stringent structural standards, our pre-cast concrete buildings are highly secure. Pre-cast concrete also offers an additional layer of insulation to guard against large temperature fluctuations. Every building Thermo Bond manufactures is designed, engineered and delivered to meet your site requirements and aesthetics; and includes a reliable electrical system, equipment, racks, cable entry, ladders, HVAC, lighting, fiber guide, and backup components.

Fully-Integrating Your Specialized Equipment

Thermo Bond offers both standard and fully-integrated buildings. Our technicians and licensed electricians have extensive experience in procuring and installing all types of critical system support equipment. We work with a variety of manufacturers, and have the ability to provide you with large discounts on support equipment along with a professional installation. In addition to meeting all applicable National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, our technical specialists ensure each structure adheres to specific industry, Federal and state regulations. Integrated and installed to your specifications, we will also factory test the equipment for quality and reliability so you will be up and running as soon as your data center is delivered.

Designing for Scalability

Modular buildings are playing an increasingly important role as data center users and providers seek to deploy space in demand growing areas. Easily expanded, pre-fabricated modular data centers provide you with the versatility to allow for better planning and scheduling. They help you manage capital expenditures by growing your data center with demand.

Thermo Bond's Modular Data Center Solutions

Built to your specifications, Thermo Bond offers lightweight concrete modular building solutions. Our data center options include the following features:

Lightweight Building - Aggregate Panel Exteriors

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  • Single building sizes from 6' W to 14'W up to 50'L standard. Larger custom sizes to 14' X 72'
  • Multi-building modules joined together for larger floor spaces
  • Minimum floor loading of 200 PSF
  • Minimum roof loading of 100 PSF
  • Minimum roof impact resistance of 220 foot-pounds
  • Minimum wall wind loading of 120 MPH. Higher values available
  • Steel skid assembly
  • R-values to meet state and local requirements
  • Fully integrated with all support equipment, HVAC, electrical, controls and security

Pre-cast Solid Concrete Buildings

  • Typically range in size from 6' x 8' to 12' x 40' single building, up to 24' X 40' and 36' X 40' sizes in multi-modular buildings
  • 5000 PSI lightweight solid concrete with billet steel reinforcing bars
  • Meets ASTM A-615 grade 60 specifications and ACI-318 building code
  • 2 hour fire rating
  • Bullet resistant up to and including 30-06 caliber rifle– UL-752 level 4
  • Floor loading of 200 PSF reinforced concrete with step joint design
  • Roof loading of 150 PSF reinforced concrete with 1/4" per foot roof slope to eaves
  • Wind loading of 150 MPH steel reinforced concrete walls. Higher wind load available
  • R-values and fire ratings to meet state and local requirements
  • Fully integrated with all support equipment, HVAC, electrical, controls and security

Micro Data Center (MDC)

  • Sizes of single buildings from 8' X 8' to 12' x 50' - 8KW - 16KW - 32KW - 48KW - 96KW - 112KW
  • Lightweight or concrete construction (to 50' lengths)
  • State code approvals
  • HVAC, security, monitoring, backup power solutions
  • Fully integrated - ready to operate
  • R-values and fire ratings to meet state and local requirements
  • Building management with remote capabilities
  • Thermal management features including hot/cold containment
  • N+1 option

For more information on Thermo Bond Buildings, please call 800-356-2686 or email us at We look forward to providing a solution for your building needs.