Data Centers

Thermo Bond’s data centers lower construction costs and provide speed-to-market.

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Thermo Bond’s modular data center buildings are specifically designed and manufactured for the unique integration of data servers. They can be modular or stand alone, and offer super cooling, weatherproofing, and security measures for your electronic storage. Thermo Bond offers either a standard or fully-integrated building depending on your needs. Factory fabrication allows you to have all the equipment, racks, cable ladders, etc. installed and tested prior to shipping, providing a significant time and cost saving benefit. Our experienced technicians, licensed electricians, and project managers will engineer, procure and install whatever specialized equipment your project may require, and ensure that you have an on-time delivery. Modular data center buildings are easily relocated or expanded, providing you with the scalability needed to meet future demand.

Benefits of Thermo Bond’s Data Centers

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  • Lower construction costs – overall construction time can be cut as much as 75% (site preparation parallels factory modular fabrication)
  • Extensive in-factory quality control programs – every operation is inspected, tested and documented
  • Complete in-factory equipment installation and integration
  • Less risk – no large groups of contractors coming and going to the site every day for months reducing the risk of construction accidents
  • Variety of attractive architectural finishes
  • Extensive experience in procuring and installing all types of critical system support equipment. Working with a variety of manufacturers, Thermo Bond has the ability to provide the customer with large discounts on support equipment and a professional installation
  • Speed-to-market – faster utilization provides faster benefits and revenues

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