Thermo Bond's Lightweight Buildings Are The Answer...

for customers that require equipment shelters in a variety of sizes, fitting and capabilities.

Lightweight Shelters

Offering Lightweight Shelter Solutions

Thermo Bond’s lightweight buildings are the answer for customers that require equipment shelters in a variety of sizes, fitting and capabilities. They are available as a standard building or fully-customized. Featuring a standard exterior finish of aggregate which is widely used in commercial office buildings, our lightweight shelters have a minimum wall wind load of 120 MPH and a minimum floor loading of 200 PSF.

Providing Buildings That Meet Your Needs

Thermo Bond’s lightweight shelters are designed, engineered and delivered to meet your site requirements. Our lightweight buildings range in size from 6′ wide x 6′ long to 24′ wide x 40′ long. Along with our aggregate finish, standard features include a 3′ x 7′ steel door, and skid assembly with rust preventive paint. We also offer custom finishes for projects where local building ordinances require a shelter that blends in with the surrounding environment.

Fully-Integrating Your Specialized Equipment

Whether your building requirements include customer-installed equipment, or simple electrical, Thermo Bond has the solution. Our lightweight shelters are constructed to your specifications and ship fully-assembled. They include lights, outlets, HVAC, generators, transfer panels, ventilation systems, cable ladder, grounding systems, and any other special equipment that may be required. Our technical specialists ensure that each structure adheres to specific industry, Federal and state regulations. Integrated and installed to your specifications, we will also factory test the equipment for quality and reliability so you will be up and running as soon as your shelter is delivered.

Buildings Designed for a Variety of Applications

Sometimes there just isn’t an off the shelf answer. A Thermo Bond lightweight shelter has always been a robust, but cost-effective and creative choice for a variety of applications. Thermo Bond’s lightweight buildings can be mounted on a concrete foundation, raised steel structures or even portable site solutions. We specialize in providing shelters for just about every industry that makes today’s world turn. Over the years, our customer base includes leaders in Cellular communications, Oil & Gas production, Fiber Networks, Data Centers, Emergency and Security Contractors, Government entities and Utility companies that are all looking for the best way to protect their valuable network equipment from the elements.

Thermo Bond's Lightweight Shelters

Thermo Bond’s Lightweight Shelters Include The Following Standard Features: