Pre-cast Concrete Buildings

Offering a Durable, Secure Building Solution

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Thermo Bond's pre-cast concrete buildings are ideal for remote locations or applications that require a secure facility. Designed for a minimum wind loading of 150 mph, our buildings conform to ACI-318 building code requirements. We utilize 5000 PSI solid concrete with billet steel reinforcing bars meeting ASTM A-615 grade 60 specifications and ACI-318 building code. All rebar is tied and welded.

Extreme Duty Equipment Shelters

Thermo Bond's pre-cast concrete buildings provide a shelter that requires minimal maintenance. Ranging in size from 6' x 6' to 24' x 40', a separate generator room can be included, if needed.

Our pre-cast concrete shelters are bullet, fire, pest and vandal resistant, durable and strong, making them perfect for remote locations or applications that require an even more secure facility. Our product is the answer for customers that need fully-customized equipment shelters in a variety of sizes, fittings and capabilities. Constructed to customer specifications, they ship fully assembled. Every building Thermo Bond manufactures is designed, engineered and delivered to meet your site requireĀ­ments and aesthetics.

Fully-Integrating Your Specialized Equipment

Whether your building needs include customer-installed equipment, or simple electrical requirements, Thermo Bond has the solution. Our buildings can be fully integrated with electrical, networking, and back-up power. Designed, engineered and delivered to meet your site requirements and aesthetics, they include a reliable integrated electrical system, cable entry, ladders, HVAC, lighting, specified alarms and backup components. We offer unlimited solutions in custom factory-built shelters of any size and shape.

Buildings Designed for a Variety of Applications

Sometimes there just isn't an off the shelf answer. A Thermo Bond concrete shelter has always been a robust, but cost-effective and creative choice for a variety of applications. Thermo Bond's concrete buildings can be mounted on a concrete foundation, raised steel structures or even portable site solutions. We specialize in providing shelters for just about every industry that makes today's world turn. Over the years, our customer base includes leaders in Cellular communications, Oil & Gas production, Fiber Networks, Data Centers, Emergency and Security Contractors, Government entities and Utility companies that that are all looking for the best way to protect their valuable network equipment from the elements.

Thermo Bond's Pre-Cast Concrete Buildings

Designed, engineered and delivered to meet your site requirements and aesthetics, our pre-cast concrete buildings have the following features, benefits and applications:

Common Features

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  • Walls are built of 5,000 PSI solid concrete and have steel reinforcing bars with billet steel conforming to ASTM A-615 grade 60 specifications
  • Concrete coverage over all steel conforms to ACI-318 building code
  • Bullet resistant up to and including 30-06 caliber rifle fired at point blank range UL-752 level 4
  • Bolted and welded assembly
  • All rebar is tied or welded

Building Benefits

  • Floor loading: 200 PSF minimum reinforced concrete with step joint design
  • Roof loading: 150 PSF minimum reinforced concrete, with 1/4" per foot roof slope to eaves
  • Wind loading: 150 MPH (minimum) resists hurricane-force winds
  • Resists all boring insects along with mold and mildew
  • Energy efficient and maintains temperature during brief thermal swings
  • With minimal maintenance

Common Applications

  • Telecommunications shelter
  • Electrical control house
  • Fiber hut
  • Pump house
  • Emergency generator housing
  • Weather and environmental monitoring stations
  • Substations
  • Transmitter Buildings

For more information on Thermo Bond Buildings, please call 800-356-2686 or email us at We look forward to providing a solution for your building needs.